WELCOME to Smartlife Group Of Company

*Ambition * Dream * Hardwork * Success

“Yesterday is history,Tomorrow is mistry,Today is gift”

Smart life warm welcomes all men and friends.Smartlife is a programme of every people make smart slowly & steadily with Insurance importance. Smartlife is helping attitude for self responsibility, spreading friendship, humanity, team job, hard work, respect to other, economic equality, value of time, growing together and education. The people of all segment of our society will grow with Smart life. People join with us and help to any other person and grow in their life.

We have provide best consulting service

Our Vission:

  • Commodity Trading.
  • Network.
  • Insurance.
  • Agriproduct.
  • Sharetrading.

Rules & Regulations :

1. Smartlife A.D.B. Membership fees 169/-Rs

2. Only A.D.B. Rs -100000/-

3. Insurance member can help 1-10 persons directly.

4. Your 169/-Rs will turn into 97,65,625/-Rs

5. 2copies color photo

6. Age proof, Identity proof, Address proof & KYC.

7. Who are join us with in after 6th month ,get opportunity join lottery & can win:-

1st prize : Alto Lxi /3.5l. 2nd prize :Royel Infeld/ Cash1. 25lac Rs 3rd prize : 20 persons super splendor/cash Rs- .6l 4th prize : 20 persons Bajaj platinum/cash Rs- .5l 5th prize :20 persons laptop/ cash Rs-.25l 6th prize INTEXmobile 100Persons .7th prize:500 persons consolation prize.(mobile)

8. Risk portfolio boarn by smartlife with G.T.I

9. Lottery will be drawn on 15/08/2016

10. Members will be earn up to 10th rank

11. Have no any extra payout &extra allowance

12. Every member’s payout will be paid by through his/her bank account only(have no excuse)

13. Every member check his/her position in online & joining will be also online

14. Every year member can renew his/her insurance card .

15. Insurance I.D will get confirmed massage with in 15days.

16. Every member will get smartlife G.T.I card with in 1month.